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About us

JBCC, (JB Construction Company) is a reputable Afghani based construction company based in Kabul that specialises in all aspects of building, rural and urban infrastructure.

Who we are

JBCC is committed to offering a bespoke turnkey operation which ensures a professional service from the time of inception and design to the completion and handover of any project.

This ensures continuity and high standards of workmanship at all times and also a better relationship between Contractor and Client.


Who we are

Our Project Management consists of experienced professionals such as Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and many more.

Road and Bridge Projects

JBCC is committed to providing good driveable roads at all levels from single lane rural roads to multi lane carriageways in towns and Cities.

We also construct access bridges and culverts for areas that might otherwise be cut off from the mainstream towns and cities due to the layout of the terrain or canals, streams and rivers which are presently uncrossable.

Having good motorable roads is essential for good passenger movement as well as the transportation of commercial goods for the maintenance of the economy.

Water Supply

Desalination water treatment plants are available for coastline areas as an alternative where there is no feasible water supply.
JBCC provides expert services in sanitation and sewage treatment works as well as storm drainage for areas that are affected.



JBCC recognises the need for consistent power generation and supply both in industry and the private sector. To this end they are leading the way in power generation using a variety of methods such as Gas turbines, Water powered turbines, solid fuel power stations and nuclear powered fuel station.

JBCC construct complete power schemes from Generation to High Tension to Low Tension to Distribution.

In keeping with modern times and climate change, JBCC is also committed to providing alternative power supply systems through Hydro, Solar and Wind generated power.


JBCC recognises that as the world population increases so does the demand for housing.

The emphasis globally is now heading towards low cost affordable housing for people in all walks of life.

It is with this in mind that JBCC designs and constructs low cost housing estates with a wide  range of properties for clients especially such as The Armed Forces, Civil Service, Police, Industry Work Forces etc.

Financial partners can also be arranged with special purchase or leasing agreements made to facilitate easy purchase.

Special Projects

Our special projects team are a hi tech group which endeavour to use the latest cutting edge techniques to provide services  such as:

-Solar and Wind powered projects

-Telecoms, Internet and Fibre Optics

-Cold Rooms – Massive Cold Room projects for warmer climates

-Mining – Exploration and Excavation of Solid Minerals and Metals


8. JBCC has over the years been involved with the execution and completion of many projects. Just a few of our satisfied customers are:


JBCC is headed by its Managing Director Mr Kamil Safi and Executive Directors Khalid Safi.
Between them they have over 20 years of experience around the world in the construction industry.

Mr. Kamil ‘Safi’ .

Chief Executive

Mr. Kamil ‘Safi’ , the Chief Executive JBBC and he has over 10 years of practical experience in construction especially with international donors. During his career Kamil has proven his ability to apply himself and take action to achieve growth.

Through his appointment as company director in 2009 JBCC grew a massive 80%. He achieved this through innovative ideas and rapidly responding to the changing needs of the company.

He has expanded the company through acquiring new contracts and establishing fresh leads. He has a natural instinct to connect and with others which makes him an irreplaceable asset to the company.

We hope that through his leadership and guidance, the next few years will prove to be just as successful as the last few and we will go from strength to strength.


Mr Philip Hunter

Civil Engineer

Mr Philip Hunter is a very experienced resourceful Civil Engineer who graduated from The British Military Academy  with his Bsc in Civil Engineering in 1988. He specialises in planning, designing and construction of Urban and Rural infrastructure, namely Water Supply. Electrification generation and distribution and construction of road networks in any part of any country

Philip has left legacies after drilling more than 500 deep well water boreholes and constructing wells and overhead tanks in all kinds of areas including those whose nearest water was a 5Kilometer trek and those marginalised either by religious or political motives. All water projects constructed by Mr Dale Hunter are still functional today.

Mr Philip Hunter has been active from 1995 to present and JBBC is now proud to have him on board as a Director and Overseas Consultant

Khalid Safi.

Managing Director

Khalid Safi is the Managing Director of JBBC. Khalid Safi earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering at London South Bank University in the United Kingdom in 2010. He quickly established himself as a successful London based businessman. In 2011, Khalid decided to embark on business that would bring about positive change to the development of people around the world. It was in this respect that Khalid Safi formed Thornton Engineering Intl in the UK and partners with JBBC as an overseas Director.

Khalid has contributed to JBBC with his extensive understanding of both business and construction. He is pleased to work on a project that combines both of his passions together in a way that aims to produce the best of results.

Khalid also partners with Mr Philip Hunter on several overseas Civil Engineering projects.

Christopher McKenzie .


Christopher McKenzie is a graduate of Portsmouth University with a degree in Business. Since graduating he has enjoyed various leadership roles and director appointments spanning many industries in the UK.

Christopher has spent his career ensuring that staff and administrative matters are taken careful. This has been achieved through the implementation of systems and processes uniquely designed and built by himself.

His knowledge of business administration and his understanding of how effective HR systems are put in place have ensured that the growth of JBBC is one of strength and prosperity.

Christopher is a keen team member at JBBC and his understanding of administrative systems and technologies makes him one of the most valuable partners.

Contact Us

Head Office

Afghanistan 5th Disteric, Shari Now,
Ghunday Jan Ali,
Faizabad Badakhshan
Tel: 0093-794500789 / 0093782094602
Email: info@jb-cc.com

London Office:
10 Station Road,

West African Office:
10 Station Road,

East African Office: 
Dar Es Salaam

Email:      info@jb-cc.com

Phone:    1-306-222-2323


0093-794500789 /0093782094602